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Photography in Challenging Conditions

April 20th, 2008 by Iain · No Comments

Last weekend we took the hounds to an off-lead socialisation event organised by Greyhound Gap. The idea behind this is that it’s a chance for the hounds to run off-lead in a safe environment, something that not all of them are able to do very often. Though ours do get to run off-lead we like to go along for the social aspect, both human and hound. It is held in indoors in a riding school, which despite a number of skylights is quite dark. Especially when it’s completely overcast outside. :roll:

We got there early whilst the first group were having their run so I went in to take a few test shots. Even with the ISO pushed right up to 1600 and a fairly large aperture I couldn’t get a non-blurry shot. Luckily I had recently re-read about the Program (P) mode and decided to give that a whirl. What that allows you to do is set the ISO and let the camera decide on the aperture and shutter speed. So I set the ISO to 800 and began shooting.

It did feel kinda like cheating, using this mode, but I decided that getting a usable shot was more important than insisting on a level of control. Luckily part way into our session the sun began to break through. :cool:

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.

There is a follow-up thread on Gap where people have posted their pictures. When looking through that thread I was really amazed by those taken by Ali. I couldn’t see any exif so I had to badger her for details :D As suspected, she does have some fairly fast glass, and the ones that really caught my eye for the clarity and depth of field were taken using a fast prime lens, 100mm f/2.8. It’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time to take a look at her pictures from the event and her website as a whole.

If you’ve any tips on low light photography (other than buying fast glass!) the please let me know in the comments.

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