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Is It The CPS, Or Is It Just CRAP?

April 9th, 2009 by Iain · No Comments

Whilst having lunch the other week I had a bit of a brainwave.  Given that there are a number of keen photographers amongst my colleagues here at Charter, we should really get out and about together.  My thinking being that we could learn from each other.  In particular, I was curious to try and understand other peoples thoughts on composition.  What do they see?  What are they looking for?

I emailed the others and used the name Charter Photographic Society.  James’s name for it?  Charter Ring of Amateur Photographers…  The consensus was that we could start with some lunchtime meets and, once the days got longer, arrange for either morning or evening shoots.

For our first trip out we popped down the road to the local graveyard.  Wandering around I found I was looking for shapes and/or patterns whilst James and Stephen said they were both looking for detail/macro shots. 

After a few shots I put the nifty fifty on in order to try and achieve really narrow depths of field.  This seems to be something I’m very keen on.  Not entirely sure why; possibly just “because I can”!  In the shot below, I’ve actually focused a couple of gravestones in, hoping to get blurred ones before and after.  Hasn’t really worked, has it?!

When reviewing the above pic on the camera I could see that the DOF wasn’t nearly as “strong” as I hoped given that I’d shot it at f/1.8.  I mentioned it to Stephen and he very helpfully explained how the distance you are from the object you’re focusing on affects the DOF.  He then told me to get physically close to a gravestone and focus on the first letter of the word.  And bingo!

You’ll have noticed that I’ve converted two of the above photos to black and white.  I found that it vastly improved the pictures, turning something fairly dull and ordinary into something a little more interesting.  Plus it seems to match the subject quite well.  The picture below is my DOF experimental picture straight from camera.  

All in all it was a great way to spend a lunchtime whilst working so in honour of that I’ll finish with my fave of the set. 

There are a few more pics (and larger versions of the above) in the gallery.

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